Charles Phillips And His Objectives In The Business Industry

To be able to change and transform into the best business minded individual possible, academics and books are not enough training basis, for one man who has truly learned everything from experience and research. Being at the top of the career ladder is a path that is not easily graspable, but with intensive and extensive timeline of working for different companies, he was able to grab the best job opportunities along the way. Charles Phillips Oracle is the man responsible in the utter success of the company Infor, the largest franchisee of ERP software in the entire world. His skills and knowledge have always captivated a multitude of corporations who are in the industry of business software, and since he is wanted by many executives, Charles still chose to go for where he feels he will grow. Apart from this lifetime achievement, Charles held high positions in some of the biggest names in the field of Information Technology. His expertise revolve around leveraging the company’s revenue into much greater heights, equipped with all the right knowledge and skills, Charles is set to take over the I.T. industry by storm. But Charles didn’t just became prominent in a short time; he had years of extensive training and experience before he was able to reach the end of the ladder.

Earlier in the life of Charles Phillips Oracle, he was in the servitude of the country, he was appointed as Captain in the United States Marine Corps, but before he became Captain he first graduated with a major in BS Computer Science at the United States Air Force Academy. This is the place where he first honed his skills in learning the nature of the new age technology; it is where he first understood how computers are very vital to the human race. As he continues his studies, his passion for computers and information technology grows much even stronger, thus resulting to graduating again from two other universities. He felt like he needed to learn more, he needed to see more, so he went on to study, and after some time he received an MBA from the Hampton University, and also he had a JD at the New York Law School.

By the time Charles Phillips Oracle graduated form these schools, he was then prepared and ready to take on what the real world has in store for him. Since Charles is organically intelligent, wherever he applied to, the company always wanted him to be a part of their team. Because he is the perfect man for all things Information Technology, he got accepted as a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, and in this company he also works as the Director. Charles saw himself being the Director of different companies, and this vision immediately became true, shortly after growing tired at Morgan Stanley, Charles then pursued other institutions such as the American Museum Natural History as well as at the Jazz at Lincoln Center.



Charles Phillips Outstanding Skill Set and Characteristics


Every individual brings something unique to the companies they work for. A person brings a certain skill set that is solely in him. This is something that no one can deny. Charles Phillips CEO, Infor Global Solutions Inc., has brought a lot of his skills in the companies he previously worked for. Phillips is hard working, dedicated, committed, disciplined, innovative and knowledgeable. These are just some of the characteristics that Phillips gave to the companies he worked for. These traits gave him the chance to be who he is today and that is the top executive of rising company in the business software development industry.

Charles Phillips CEO is a person that never took advantage of his position in the company. He worked like he had something to prove to all the people in the company. He worked like any other ordinary employee in the company. In this way, the people in the company he previously worked for put so much respect in him. Phillips never thought of his position when interacting with his employees which made them work as hard as their boss. This is a trait that is only evident to incredible people and Phillips is one of them.

Phillips was first a Captain in the United States Marine Corps in the 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines before he took his first job at Wall Street. The experience in the military was a very valuable one. All the disciplinary measures that he received while serving the country made him a much better individual. He learned how to respect more people which was a vital aspect moving forward.

He worked with Wall Street where he created a name for himself due to his great work. Phillips was also able to make the firms he worked for very successful which further boosted his stock in the industry. Charles Phillips then worked in Morgan Stanley where he further created a buzz in the industry. Here, he became a multi awarded individual which was the reason why he was able to land a high ranking position with Oracle.

Charles Phillips CEO helped the California-based company get so many acquisitions in seven years. It includes PeopleSoft in January 2005, Siebel in January 2006, Hyperion in April 2007, BEA in January 2008, and Sun in August 2009. These acquisitions were very valuable for the company since it helped in filling the gaps in the product line and build a stronger presence in important vertical markets.

Phillips also helped the revenue of Oracle to grow by nearly 300 percent during his tenure. In Fiscal Year of 2003, the revenue was at $9.4B then in Fiscal Year 2010, it rose to about $26.8B. This is considered as the greatest accomplishment of Phillips.


The acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry

The acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry has been around for thousands of years & not until the 1990′s was it introduced to the western world. The acai berry was found to possess tremendous health properties. The acai berry was first used by the tribes of the Amazon jungle as a cure for various illnesses. It is estimated that the indigenous tribes people routinely use up to two,000 of the three,000 known rainforest fruits for medicinal purposes. The Amazon borders eight different countries & has the world’s largest river basin. Not only does the Amazon supply fifth of the worlds freshwater, it’s the highest diversity of birds & freshwater fish. The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world natural viagra where third of all animal & plant species live. The acai berry is of these fruits that has been discovered in this giant region. The Shuar tribes are of these Amazonian tribes that have for hundreds of years, through custom, kept the use of plants (acai berry) for medicinal purposes.


The acaí berry comes from a palm that has a long narrow trunk up to 25m high with a group of branches at the top from which hangs ribbon-like leaves. Acaí berries hang from these branches in clusters that look like groups of bluebottles. Historicallyin the past the acai berries would be picked by hand & the tribe’s men would shimmy up the tree & cut the branches from the top of the palm tree rich in acai berries. Now that the acai berry has been discovered as a highly sort after crop by the population of Brazil it is mass produced, as it only has a 24 hour life span in which the properties of the juice are still active. The acai berries must be loaded in to baskets & onto boats soon after picking. To get it to the markets in Belem’s they would must move the acai berries over night.


The acai berry was discovered to have natural antioxidant properties, as well as being a natural cholesterol controller. When eaten it helps reduce the bad cholesterol in our blood & increases the lovely cholesterol. The tribes of the Amazon knew of these properties & discovered that it helped build the immune process, fight infection, protect the heart, & control prostate enlargement (nature’s viagra). It was a great energy food for the tribes-people. The acai berry, which is a palm fruit, was historicallyin the past pulped to make wine that was rich in minerals. The acai berry was also discovered to fight schistosomosis, which is transmitted by snails. Schistosomosis affecting over ten million Brazilians. The acaí berry is also used to produce an antibiotic that helps to fight against ‘Staphylococcus aureus,’ a common infection contracted chiefly in hospitals. A berry so useful but only known to the traditional tribes men & woman of the Amazon, a lost secret.

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